Lawrenceville, va

fire deptThe Lawrenceville Volunteer Fire Department currently has 24 dedicated volunteers and makes more than 400 fire and EMS calls a year.

The department was formed in the fall of 1912 with S. P. Darden as the first fire chief. On December 12, 1912, the Town of Lawrenceville gave the fire department permission to build a firehouse on the fire fightingwater tank lot on Sharp Street. The fire alarm bell was purchased and erected between 1912 and1914. This was replaced by an electric alarm in 1935.

All fire fighting apparatus was apparently manually operated until August of 1932 when the first motorized fire truck was purchased. The original number of members is believed to have been around 15 and has increased to the present membership. The only recorded paid member of the department was Paul C. Harrison who was hired in March of 1940 at a salary of $42.50 per month.

ln May of 1950 the department was authorized to purchase and assemble the firemen’s hall at the water works plant. The building was moved to its present location in 1965. The Lawrenceville Volunteer Fire Department moved into its current facilities in May of 1979.

It has grown from a so-called bucket brigade to a well-trained, well-organized department through hard work, personal motivation and most important, the cooperation and support of the citizens of our community.


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