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December 8, 2015

Posted in 2015 Minutes


Mayor William Herrington called the regular meeting of the Lawrenceville Town Council to order at 7:30 p.m. on December 8, 2015. 

Roll was called; Present: Mayor William Herrington; Council Members: Joyce Bland, H. B. Brockwell, Jr., Dora Hardy, Scott Martin, Martha Myers, Robert F. Pecht, III, and Alice B. Talbert. Also present: Town Attorney, W. C. Outten, Jr., Town Manager, C. J. Dean, Police Chief, Everette Gibson, Town Clerk, Wanda Johnson, Delegate Roslyn Tyler, Rufus Tyler, Welton Tyler, Andrew Condlin, Gwen McMillan, Clinton McMillan, Jr., George R. Smith, Lawanda Fisher, Dr. Charlette Woolridge, Brenda Herrington, Brady Talbert, citizens and the press. 

Planning Commission Members Present: Joyce Bland, John Miller, Cynthia Pecht, Michael Redman and Cherrill Robertson. 

Absent: none.

A motion was made by Mr. Pecht to approve the minutes of the regular meeting on November 10, 2015, as received, suspend the reading and file. This was seconded by Mr. Brockwell and carried by all ayes.

A motion was made by Mr. Pecht to approve the minutes of the called meeting on December 2, 2015, as received, suspend the reading and file. This was seconded by Mr. Brockwell and carried by all ayes.

A motion was made by Mr. Pecht to approve the agenda as presented. This was seconded by Mr. Brockwell and carried by all ayes. 

The Lawrenceville Planning Commission and Lawrenceville Town Council joint public hearing was declared open.

This time had been advertised for a joint public hearing on the request by T’s Enterprise for a conditional rezoning of property located at 125, 129, 133 College View Drive, tax parcel number 52-37-G in the Town of Lawrenceville. The applicant seeks to rezone the property from Public Open Space/Institutional (POS) to Multi-Family (R-3). 

Mr. Dean presented the application to be heard. As described in the legal notice, the applicant seeks rezoning for the approximate 1.51 acre lot with three existing apartment buildings. The applicant offered proffers as conditions for the rezoning: the property shall be developed and maintained in conformity with the conceptual plan, no more than twelve dwelling units may be located on the property, parking shall be provided at a minimum of two parking spaces per each dwelling unit, any access into the property from Church Street shall include two signs, one for ingress and one for egress to reference “SLOW/CAUTION CHILDREN AT PLAY”.

Mr. Condlin, attorney for the applicant, reviewed the application and proffers and responded to questions from planning commission and council members. 

Gwen McMillan, President of the Brunswick County Chapter of the NAACP, spoke in support of the rezoning application. She said staff meets the children arriving at the childcare center. She also stated that the apartments will provide housing for people in the area and benefit the citizens of Brunswick County.

Clinton McMillan, Jr., Commander of American Legion Post 65, endorsed what Mr. Tyler is trying to do. He stated Mr. Tyler is willing to invest his money and this is good for Lawrenceville and Brunswick County to bring the buildings back to life. 

George R. Smith, a resident of Brunswick County, spoke in favor of the application and asked that the rezoning request be approved. He said housing is needed in Lawrenceville and it was a win-win situation for the Town of Lawrenceville and Brunswick County. 

Lawanda Fisher stated that she is a certified parent educator and that two of the greatest concerns of young parents are suitable housing and suitable childcare. She is in support of the apartments and has no concerns about the childcare facility. Her grandson attends and staff meets the children when they arrive. She asked that the application be approved to provide suitable housing.

Welton Tyler stated that he is the manager of T’s Enterprise and believes making an investment in Brunswick County is making an investment in home. He will invest his money to support and improve the Town and County. He asked for approval of the application.

Rufus Tyler stated that he is a partner in T’s Enterprise. He said he was educated at SVCC. He envisions that someone could live in the apartments, have a child in the childcare center and attend SVCC. He asked for consideration and support of the application.

Mr. Pecht asked if in the event something happened with the college property, would Mr. Tyler work with the new entity. 

Welton Tyler responded that if a college comes back and wanted to purchase the apartments, he would be happy to sell to them. He stated he would not have a problem with that.

Welton Tyler is a partner and manager of T’s Enterprise. Rufus Tyler is a partner and there is also a partner in Maryland. 

Ms. Pecht closed the Planning Commission Public Hearing.

Mayor Herrington called for any other questions. Hearing none, he closed the Town Council Public Hearing.

The Planning Commission will reconvene in another meeting room to deliberate. The Commission will return to the Council meeting to report if they have a recommendation tonight.

Mr. Martin reported that the minutes of the December 1, 2015, EDA meeting are in the additional packet. The EDA would like a copy of the final use permit for the Tobacco Heritage Trial Park. The roof repair at the Peebles building began today. The Bloom building will be checked also as there is a small leak there. Interviews were held regarding the website development. The next EDA meeting will be held February 2, 2016. 

Mayor Herrington stated that residents would be allowed three minutes each to address council if anyone wished to speak. 

Gwen McMillan invited council members to the NAACP Christmas Social. It will be held Saturday, December 19, 2015, at 4:00 p.m. at the First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall. 

Clinton McMillan asked if Town Council and the EDA have ever considered the rundown condition of buildings in town and the cost to repair them. He suggested a video could be made of the buildings for a historic record, and then they could be demolished and start over. 

Mayor Herrington introduced Brady Talbert. He is a 2nd Class Rank member of Boy Scout Troop 221. Brady is completing the requirements to earn a citizenship community merit badge. The requirements include attending a town council meeting and completing eight hours of community service.

Mayor Herrington welcomed new council member Martha Myers to her first regular town council meeting. Mrs. Myers was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Esther Sanderson. 

Mayor Herrington thanked the Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring the Christmas parade and commended the time, energy and effort of Ms. Wright and the organizations that worked with her on the parade. 

A list of the current committee assignments is in the packet. Mayor Herrington asked council members to review the list and let him know by the end of the year if there are any suggestions for changes to the committees or assignments to the committees. For instance, a Health and Wellness Committee might be added. 

The Town was advised today that the foreclosure sale of the Saint Paul’s College Student Center has been postponed until January 6, 2016. Mayor Herrington commented that the Town has roughly thirty days to make a decision if Town Council wants to entertain the possibility of purchasing the student center or college or both.

There was no report.

Mr. Dean’s report will be later as he is meeting with the planning commission at this time.

Mr. Pecht reported that the audit is running behind as the fixed assets were more involved this year and also the auditor had an illness and death in the family. We hope to have the audit by the January meeting. 

Mr. Martin reported that the fire department responded to 23 calls in November. Of the 23, 1 was in the town limits and 22 were outside the town limits. 

The LVFD Annual Banquet and Christmas Dance were held last Saturday. Mr. Martin installed the officers and spoke on heroes. Chief Gibson received the award for Firefighter of the Year. Mayor Herrington congratulated Chief Gibson. Chief Gibson expressed appreciation for the support of the council members that attended. 

Mr. Brockwell reported that he asked Mr. Dean to look into a possible internship program with the agribusiness program at SVCC. It could help with parks and recreation. 

Ms. Hardy stated that there is a report in the packet. Chief Gibson had planned a presentation for tonight, but it has been postponed as two officers have sick children and could not attend. 

Mr. Brockwell requested that our property and equipment be reviewed with our insurance carrier. 

Materials are being ordered in preparation for installing a water line in Oakwood Cemetery. It may be spring before the work will be completed. 

Mr. Brockwell has reviewed the Town business incentives. The ones currently on the books add up to about $1100 - $1200 per year. These can be of assistance to businesses and we will continue to review. 

Mr. Brockwell responded to Mr. McMillan’s concerns about buildings in town. The Town has looked at these buildings many times. The private building owners have to take care of their property before the Town gets involved. 

Mayor Herrington commented that the Town has a grant façade program that some owners took advantage of but a lot of owners did not. Mayor Herrington also stated that he is in the office at least five hours a day. Anyone is welcome to come and talk to him.

Mr. Brockwell reported that he and Mr. Dean have discussed the possibility of working with the community college on a program to assist our new water and wastewater employees to obtain certificates. There will be a committee meeting following the council meeting.

Ms. Pecht reported that the Planning Commission recommendation to Town Council is for approval of the rezoning application submitted by T’s Enterprise.

A motion was made by Mr. Brockwell to approve the rezoning application submitted by T’s Enterprise LLC as recommended by the Lawrenceville Planning Commission. This was seconded by Ms. Hardy and carried by all ayes.

The reports are in the packet. 

Mr. Dean reported that he continues to work with the property owners. The owner of 314 Sixth Avenue may voluntarily demolish that property. There has been no response from the owner of 418 N. Main Street. The owner resides in Florida and has not accepted the certified mail from the town. 

Mr. Dean reported that there was no meeting this month. The first gas turbine was fired on December 3. The Health Department is scheduled to inspect the water plant tomorrow. Once the Town receives the certificate to operate, we can submit a final payment request to Dominion. The tanks are full now. 

The façade improvements continue. The former Lawrenceville Glass building will probably see the most significant building change. 

On Cue, a website company out of Richmond will work to update the Town’s website. Please make any suggestions as the new website is in development now.

The roof is being replaced on the Peebles building.

The Lawrenceville water system exceeded the limit for TTHM. The fourth quarter average was 0.088 mg/L. The limit is 0.080 mg/L. This is a new test site at the town shop on a dead end line. The Town is working with B & B to correct this issue. The age and temperature of the water causes higher TTHM levels. We may need to loop a line or flush the lines. The Town is required to send out notices of the violation by December 18, 2015. The health department requires specific language be used in the notice. Mr. Dean will work with Ms. Allen to also have the information in the newspaper in an easier to understand message.

A flag has been put up in the park. 

There was no additional report.

The airport has a new tractor. Mr. Pecht thanked Supervisor Harrison for overseeing the painting project at the airport. 

There was no additional report.

A notice from Shentel of pricing and lineup changes is in the packet.

The VML 2016 Day at the Capitol will be held on January 27, 2016.

Mr. Steve Yerta sent an email thanking Mr. Dean, a Town Police Officer and the ladies in the office for being helpful and providing a map and directions when he came to the Town Office for assistance.

The VML 2016 Finance Forum will be held in Richmond on January 6, 2016.

The updated committee assignments list is in the packet.

A motion was made to pay the bills as presented, in the amount of $151,818.38, and charge to the proper accounts. This was made by Mr. Pecht, seconded by Mr. Brockwell and carried by all ayes. 

There being no further business to come before Council, a motion was made by Mr. Brockwell, seconded by Ms. Hardy and carried by all ayes to adjourn the meeting.
William Herrington, Mayor
Wanda Johnson, Clerk


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