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November 10, 2015

Posted in 2015 Minutes

Mayor William Herrington called the regular meeting of the Lawrenceville Town Council to order at 7:30 p.m. on November 10, 2015. 

Roll was called; Present: Mayor William Herrington; Council Members: Joyce Bland, H. B. Brockwell, Jr., Dora Hardy, Scott Martin, Robert F. Pecht, III, and Alice B. Talbert. Also present: Town Attorney, W. C. Outten, Jr., Town Manager, C. J. Dean, Police Chief, Everette Gibson, Town Clerk, Wanda Johnson, Martha Myers, Timothy Myers, citizens and the press. 

Absent: none. 

A motion was made by Mr. Pecht to approve the minutes of the regular meeting on October 13, 2015, as received, suspend the reading and file. This was seconded by Mrs. Talbert and carried by all ayes.

The agenda was approved with the addition of Water Line Estimate under Streets, Lights & Cemetery. 

Mr. Martin reported on the Bloom building that the HVAC unit had to be replaced, the Phase II renovations are completed and a lift chair was installed. An open house and ribbon cutting ceremony was held on November 6, 2015, for the VCU Massey Cancer Center. 

The Peebles building roof is scheduled to be repaired. The EDA is working to obtain more information on the grant requirement deadline for the Peebles building. The website development is included in the same grant. The annual audit is complete. The next EDA meeting will be held December 1, 2015. 

Mayor Herrington stated that residents would be allowed three minutes each to address council if anyone wished to speak. No one spoke. 

Mayor Herrington thanked the Town, Police Department, Fire Department and Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring the “Spooktacular Ghosts, Ghouls & Goblins Gathering” Halloween event.

Phil Gilson was thanked for creating a Christmas ornament representing the Town of Lawrenceville to be placed on the Governor’s Christmas tree. The glass ornament features Lawrence the horse and was provided at no cost to the Town.

The VCU Massey Cancer Center grand opening was held last Friday. The Town and EDA were recognized and thanked during the celebration.

A Veterans Day ceremony will be held at the Lawrenceville Fire Station on Wednesday, November 11, 2015, at 11:00 a.m.

The Alberta Christmas Parade will be held on Saturday, December 5, 2015, at 2:00 p.m. The Lawrenceville Town Council has been invited to ride together in the parade. Please let the Mayor know if you will be able to participate. 

Dominion Power has filed a notice of intent to seek a rate hike of $1.26 per 1000 kWh in 2016.

Information was provided on the Local Workforce Investment Area. Brunswick County is located in the South Central LWIAVIII. 

Last month it was reported that Circle K would cease operations because the lessee indicated that a lease agreement had not been reached with the owner. The owner contacted the Mayor and advised that there was no negotiation. The owner is actively recruiting someone to take over the property as a convenience store. 

There was discussion concerning the need to reevaluate the Town incentive program to make it more attractive to attract business and to keep a business from leaving. It needs to be clear and direct.

It was reported that Mr. Dean met with state officials last week on the grant requirements for the Peebles building. There are still questions and Mr. Dean will continue to work with the State on this.

There was no report.

Mr. Dean stated that the monthly progress report is in the packet. Dominion plans to fire the first gas turbine in November or December. Two weeks later the second will be fired and then two weeks after that, the third will be fired. The water use will go up once all three turbines are online. 

Contracts have been signed for façade improvements for the former Lawrenceville Glass building and the Brunswick Times Gazette building. There are three potential sites outstanding. The engineer is working to get those owners within budget. The Town will need an extension of the December 31, 2015, deadline. Progress is being made, but there is still work to be done on the facades and the website. Interviews will be held on November 24, 2015, for a website developer. 

Mr. Dean reported that the Office of Drinking Water has offered the Town a planning grant, not to exceed $33,000, for Disinfection By-products Reduction. It requires a $2,000 match from the Town and the services of an engineer. On motion by Mr. Brockwell, seconded by Mr. Pecht and carried by all ayes, Town Council voted to approve the acceptance of the grant as presented and the $2,000 match.

Mr. Dean reported that he shared the boundary line adjustment proposal with County staff. The feedback was that they did not feel that the Board of Supervisors could support the Town in this proposal. This would only take in Town owned lots in the area of the water plant and no residents would be involved in the boundary adjustment. Mr. Outten will look into any other process that the Town could pursue without the approval of the County.

Mr. Dean shared a copy of the 2015 Draper Aden Water/Sewer Rates Study in the packet. Participants are asked to report on a 5,000 gallon monthly water bill for comparison purposes. The last time that the Town of Lawrenceville increased rates was in 2010. A rate analysis study is used to determine when or if the rates should be increased.

A series of meetings will be scheduled for the work on the comprehensive plan update. We hope to have it completed in six months.

Required routine water sampling for lead and copper was conducted on the Town of Alberta water system. Two homes were found to have amounts that exceeded the limit for lead. The copper results were good. The health department requires that customers on the Alberta system be sent a letter with specific language informing them of the results. 

Mr. Pecht reviewed the financial statement in the packet. The unknown now is the Dominion revenue. We will be more comfortable if the Dominion water/sewer revenues are near our projection. The Town might look at a modest water/sewer rate increase. 

Mr. Martin reported that the fire department responded to 19 calls in October. Of the 19, 0 were in the town limits and 19 were outside the town limits. 

The 2016 slate of officers for the Lawrenceville Volunteer Fire Department is in the packet. On motion by Mr. Martin, seconded by Mr. Brockwell and carried by all ayes, Council voted to approve the slate of officers as presented. Chief-Justin Thomas, Deputy Chief-Chad Whitlow, Assistant Chief-Everette L. Gibson, Captain-Zack Gibson, Lieutenant-Open, 1st Lieutenant-Open, President-Everette L. Gibson, Vice President-Zack Gibson, Secretary-Allison Propst, Treasurer-Allison Propst.

The LVFD Annual Banquet and Christmas Dance will be held Saturday, December 5, 2015. 

Mr. Brockwell reported that the bonuses were budgeted and a Christmas Bonus proposal in the total amount of $13,250 for 2015 is in the packet. On motion by Mr. Brockwell, seconded by Mrs. Talbert and carried by all ayes, Town Council approved the 2015 Christmas Bonus as presented. The annual Christmas luncheon for employees and council members will be held on December 2, 2015.

Ms. Hardy stated that there is a report in the packet. Officer Tracey Beets received an award for his excellence in alcohol detection for 2015. The award was presented by VASAP at its awards banquet in September. 

There was no report. 

Mrs. Bland reported that there has been a request for a water line in Oakwood Cemetery. Water is needed for beautification efforts. The Town provided a cost estimate of $6,363.55. There is already a water line in Oakwood Park Cemetery. The perpetual care fund would not pay for the water line. On motion by Mrs. Bland, seconded by Ms. Hardy and carried by all ayes, Town Council voted to approve the installation of the water line in Oakwood Cemetery at the Town’s expense. There will be a short committee meeting following the council meeting.

There was no additional report. 

There will be a committee meeting following the council meeting. 

Mr. Brockwell commented that there is a report in the packet and that they do a good job of keeping safety at the forefront. The topic in this report is not talking on cell phones while driving. There was discussion that if this is not already in the employee manual, it should become a part of it. 

Mr. Dean reported that he is working with the property owners. Demolition plans have not progressed any further. Mr. Brockwell advised he was approached by an individual interested in part time work on Town Code enforcement. 

Prices are still being obtained for park maintenance at Peebles Park. A flag needs to be put on the pole.

It was reported that Anthony Watts has a proposal for a Chinese immersion study program on the Saint Paul’s College property. He is requesting a letter of support from Town Council to apply for Tobacco Grant funds to study program feasibility. The application would not be in the Town’s name. Discussion followed and it was the consensus of council that there was not enough information at this time to provide a letter of support for the application by Mr. Watts.

It was also reported that there was a meeting two weeks ago with Dr. Dianne Suber regarding a proposed use for the college property. Dr. Charlette Woolridge would like to meet on November 16, 2015, to discuss findings regarding Dr. Suber’s proposal. Mayor Herrington will check on the time for that meeting.

There was no report. 

There was no additional report.

The Veterans Day Celebration will be held Wednesday, November 11, at 11:00 a.m.
The Employee Christmas Luncheon will be held Wednesday, December 2, at 12 noon.
The Lawrenceville Christmas Parade will be held Friday, December 4, at 7:30 p.m.
The Santa Breakfast will be held Saturday, December 5, 8:30 – 10:00 a.m.
The LVFD Annual Banquet and Christmas Dance will be held Saturday, December 5, 6:00 p.m.
The Mayors and Managers Annual Dinner Meeting will be held at Historic Boyd Tavern in Boydton, VA on Wednesday, December 9, at 6:00 p.m.

On motion by Mr. Pecht, seconded by Mr. Brockwell and unanimously carried, Town Council voted to allocate funds not to exceed $500 for bands for the Christmas parade. 

A motion was made to pay the bills as presented, in the amount of $74,490.38, and charge to the proper accounts. This was made by Mr. Pecht, seconded by Mrs. Talbert and carried by all ayes. 

The school system financial director sent invoices for supplies purchased due to the boil water notice and requested reimbursement for these invoices. Town Council asked Mr. Dean to consult with VML regarding the request. Mr. Dean reported that VML advised they do not feel it would be proper for the Town to pay the invoices. Town Council authorized Mr. Dean to write a letter to the school system advising that the Town will not pay the invoices. 

Mr. Martin reported that District 2 Council Members Brockwell, Martin and Pecht recommend that Town Council appoint Martha Myers to Town Council to fill Mrs. Sanderson’s unexpired term. That term ends on June 30, 2018. Mrs. Myers lives in District 2 at 401 S. Main Street.
On motion by Mr. Martin, seconded by Mr. Brockwell and carried by all ayes, Town Council voted to appoint Martha Myers as a Council Member in District 2 to fill Esther Sanderson’s unexpired term. Mrs. Myers must take the oath of office and be sworn in at the Brunswick County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office before the December council meeting.

There being no further business to come before Council, a motion was made by Ms. Hardy, seconded by Mrs. Talbert and carried by all ayes to adjourn the meeting. 

William Herrington, Mayor
Wanda Johnson, Clerk


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